Urek Urglec

Krogan Explosives Expert


-To people that don’t know him or are unfamiliar with the Krogan, he can appear to be a bit unstable, much like the explosives he uses. However, he is a typical Krogan in the way that he enjoys battle or anything to do with it.

-Lives by a code of Krogan honor. He follows it quite strictly and expects others to do so as well.

-He is extremely loyal to his family, friends, and Clan


-Worked as a mercenary for many years, like most Krogan. Has worked with Urek Crox before, and during the mission, Crox betrayed Urglec and his team. Urglec managed to survive and defeat Crox, but he spared the other Krogan’s life.

-A couple years ago, Urglec answered the call of Warlord Krem and returned to help his Clan rebuild in the aftermath of the Reaper war

Urek Urglec

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