Trouble on Talaka

XP Upon Completion: 2,000


There have been several reports of skirmishes between the Krogan clan Urek and Salarian Intelligence Forces. The Salarians were sent, under order of the Council, to set up an outpost in the area of the Krogan DMZ and the planet of Talaka was chosen. However, things have not gone well. The Salarians claim that the Urek clan threatened to kill them all if they did not leave the planet and when the Intelligence forces refused to budge, the Krogan began their assault. However, a report from Warlord Urek Krem, the leader of Clan Urek, claims that several of his people were captured by the Salarians while on patrol and that, after the Salarians denied any involvement, decided that the only way to free his people was to do so by force. So far neither side is backing down. You need to find out what is truly going on here and solve it before this escalates to something larger.

The Krogan are led by Warlord Urek Krem. He is known for being a big supporter of the Urdnot Wrex leadership as was sent to Talaka in an attempt to extend Krogan influence. He is known to be a rather reasonable leader, as far as Krogan go, and is fiercely loyal to his clan and its members.

The Salarian Intelligence force is led by Commander Morek Kiram. Kiram is well known in the galactic community and is famous for his part in repelling the fleets of Savush Grelck when they attacked Volus space. He is a Salarian hero and is well respected by all. He instills great loyalty in his men and has a knack for getting even the most dangerous or seemingly impossible missions done.


-Land at either the Salarian outpost or one of the Krogan villages and speak with either Commander Piram or Warlord Krem. (Complete)
-Investigate the crash site (Complete)
-Investigate the attack site (Complete)
-Interrogate Crox (Complete)
-Find Crox (Complete)
-Figure out what the Justified took from the Freighter (In Progress)
-Stop Lieutenant Valak from escaping (Complete)
-Discover what is going on before the Krogan attack (Complete)

Information Updated:

-Crox, the only surviving Krogan from the attack, has been discovered to have been working with a Salarian that goes by “The Justified.” He helped the Salarian capture his two clanmates. Now, the Krogan is on the run and you have tracked him to a strange spire in the middle of the jungle

Edit: You have captured Crox.

-The freighter video logs reveal that a Salarian, who could be the Justified, boarded the ship after it crashed and took something from its cargo. The object is unknown, though speaking with Commander Kiram may reveal something towards its identity.

-Back on your flagship, analysis is being done on the thermal clip that was found by T’Sarana, as well as trying to follow the credit trail back to the Justified. However, you have no results yet.

Edit: The thermal clip appears to have belonged to Lieutenant Valak

-Upon speaking with the Commander and doing some investigation, you have discovered that Lieutenant Valak seems to be dealing with the Justified, or at least knows what is in the crate. He is now in your custody.

Trouble on Talaka

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