The Spire Says

XP Upon Completion: ?


After chasing the Krogan Crox into a mysterious spire, T’Sarana touched a pedestal in the center of the room and, upon doing so, had an out of body experience. During this adventure, T’Sarana was barely able to hold on to her sanity. However, luckily, her willpower proved great and she was able to speak to a being…or beings. They referred to themselves as the Endless and, according to them, they live to keep the Balance of the galaxy. However, they say that the Balance has been upset and chaos will soon rule, and that their attempts to restore the Balance have failed.

That is why they asked T’Sarana to aid them. They ask that she find the Signal, a device of some sort, and activate it. However, they do not give her any instructions as to where this Signal could be found.

To be completely honest with herself, it is difficult for T’Sarana to even believe that what happened to her was real…perhaps it was a dream or a strange holographic event. Regardless, it was strange enough that it might be worth looking into. After all, Crox seemed to think that the spire was important, and the pedestal was the only thing there…

After speaking with Valak, or the Justified, it appears that he too has visited the spire and spoken with the Endless, much in the same way T’Sarana had. However, his experience must have been slightly different (why this could be is still unknown) as he seemed to have gone crazy and began to believe that it was he duty to restore the Balance by ridding Talaka of any Krogan or Salarian forces.

Upon doing some research, Kalar was able to find a link to an Asari scientist, Naaomi Crisotal, who went missing 50 years ago in the Terminus systems researching something about the Balance.

Further investigation may be needed, though if it is necessary or if it will turn up anything useful is yet to be seen. Going after Crisotal is impossible as the Terminus systems have been closed off for years…or is it?


-Look into the strange vision. (Complete)
-Find more information? (In Progress)

The Spire Says

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