The Cold War-Grex

XP Upon Completion: 5,000


The trouble in the Skyllian Verge is getting worse every day. The tension between the human colonists and the Batarians is on the rise and it seems like open war could soon occur. There have been over ten reported terrorist attacks against human settlements in the Verge in just the last month and Alliance and Council investigations into these attacks have turned up nothing.

Most human colonists believe that these attacks are orchestrated by the Batarian government, or at the very least funded by it. While they haven’t claimed responsibility for any such actions, the Batarian government remains quite unhelpful, not providing any information to the Council or the Alliance. While some in the Alliance are pushing for an offensive attack on Batarian worlds in retaliation. However, the Council and many Council races are very split on the matter and, as such, the Alliance is holding back until their investigations can find something concrete to go off of. The dragging of the feet has caused many of the colonists calling for their planetary or regional governments to break ties with the Alliance and handle the Batarian problem themselves and there are several such planets that look to be on the verge of doing so.

Discovering who is behind these attacks will be the key to settling the problems within the Verge. If it is the Batarian government and conclusive evidence can be made against them, then the Council races will likely condone action against them. If evidence can be found to pin the attacks on a different, still unknown group, then the fervor of the human colonists against the Batarians will likely die down enough that all out war would no longer be a concern.

However, finding out the source is a difficult task. Whoever is conducting these attacks is leaving no evidence to follow. It seems the only way to figure this out is to catch them in the act. Luckily, one of your contacts received information about an agent of the Shadow Broker who may know something. Contacting him on the planet of Grex is probably your best lead.

After meeting with Covez, you learned some disturbing news. According to the Turian, there is going to be another attack soon, this time on the human embassy on Grex, the Velix Center. If this building were to be destroyed, it could be the tipping point and cause human colonist planets to start open war with the Batarians. Stopping this attack is of the utmost importance. Covez also said that the attack was planned to happen in two days time, but who is behind it or how it is going to occur is still unknown.

For the time being, you can only wait and form a plan of action, or try and find another avenue of information. Unfortunately, you have been grounded on Grex and will have to find shelter for the night, lest you be caught in a “radiation storm.”

-Meet with Covez (complete)
-Stop the attack on the Velix Center (Complete)
-Create a Plan of Action (Complete)
-Reach the Motel (Complete)
-Look for an alternative information source (Complete)
-Investigate Reskik Mining (Complete)
-Investigate the Old Petok Building (Complete)
-Meet with leader of Dymarz mercenaries (Complete)
-Meet with Covez (Complete)
-Infiltrate DreadPack hideout (Complete)
-Ambush the DreadPack flagship (Complete)
-Capture Vasira (Complete)

The Cold War-Grex

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