-An old Batarian world located in the Skyllian Verge, Grex used to be one of the largest producers of weapons and other military hardware before the Reaper invasion. It has large stores of precious minerals used in these weapons. The biggest export was iridium, though there were many valuable minerals unearthed from its crust.

-Due to its production of military grade weaponry, Grex was a principle target when the Reapers arrived and the planet was one of the first to fall

-Grex’s main power source was nuclear energy, so when the Reapers arrived, they targeted the many different power plants. The destruction of these plants caused mass destruction and 80 percent of Grex’s infrastructure was destroyed in the attack

-Grex remained uninhabited for several years after the Reapers were defeated, its location difficult to return to. However, human colonists looking to claim land in the craze to rediscover worlds lost during the invasion quickly moved to Grex in an attempt to take control of its mineral reserves.

-For a couple years, Grex remained in human control and about a fourth of the mines were brought back online, as well as several key factories. However, much of these were handed over to Batarian owners when Grex became one of the worlds given back to the Batarians by the Council

-Despite now being under Batarian jurisdiction, the human influence is still a powerful force on the planet. There are several human led mining companies and the human embassy in the capital city of Modoc is one of the few fully reestablished structures within the city.

-Grex is now a shadow of its former self. Batarian restoration projects are on hold and most of the cities house only a small percentage of the population that they had before the Reaper war. Red smog caused by a chemical reaction between the atmosphere of Grex and chemicals released during the destruction of the nuclear facilities covers much of the planet, making the air unbreathable.

-Overall, Grex is not a place that one would want to live. Huge portions of cities remain destroyed, the smog makes travelling outside of buildings a hassle, and, due to a lack of law enforcement, there are many underhanded dealings and crime in most parts of the world.



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