Lieutenant Valak/The Justified

STG Lieutenant


A Salarian STG lieutenant previously under the command of Kiram.


Valak was once one of the famed commander’s most trusted men, until he betrayed them and took up a crusade to restore what he calls “the Balance.” This Balance was apparently being upset by having both the Krogan and Salarian forces inhabit Talaka, and to fix this, the Salarian lieutenant carried out a plan that was to force the Salarians and Krogan into fighting and killing each other.

Taking up a new name, the Justified, Valak was nearly successful in completing his goal. However, the Paladins arrived just in time and were able to unravel the mystery and found that it was Valak behind everything.

Now he is captured and will be sent back to Surkesh for trial.

Lieutenant Valak/The Justified

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