Faith Erickson

Human Sentinel


Personality Details:

-A good soldier who is willing to put her life on the line
-Normally keeps to herself, but she seems friendly when spoken to
-Seems to have a strong moral code and has difficulty following orders that contradict this code

Quick Bonuses:

2 M-358 Talons (SA 2)

One Shot: -3
Double Tap: -5
Auto-Fire First Action: -5
Auto-Fire Second Action:-7
Full-Auto First: N/A
Full-Auto Second: N/A
Full-Auto Third: N/A
Damage per Hit: 1d12

Melee Attack: +1

Touch Bonus (for Powers): +4

Current Status:

HP: 23/23
SLD: 30/30

Phoenix Armor: Damage from Powers reduced by 2

Tech Points: 10/10
Biotics Points: 10/10

Current Defense: 10+2=12

Ammo in clip: 4 (Left handed pistol), 4 (Right)
Clips Remaining: 6 (Left) 6 (Right)


-Previously a lieutenant in the Alliance. Stationed on Eden Prime before being summoned by the Council.

-Lived on a human colony when younger. Has a single living relative; a sister to whom she does not keep in contact with any more. Seems to have no other close relationships with anyone.

-It was discovered that Faith’s sister is working at the human embassy located on Grex

-Seems angry with Tarric, though the exact reasoning is unknown.

Faith Erickson

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