Return from the Shadows

It is 2201 CE.

The space-faring races of the Milky Way galaxy have somewhat recovered from their loses during the Reaper invasion fifteen years ago, but there is still much work to be done. Some colonies are still under the control of various pirate and mercenary regimes, the fate of others is still unknown. The economy is better, but it is still not the same as it once was, and a great deal of it has fallen under the monopoly of the Volus businessman Barlon Viak. Political powers hang in the balance, however, as individuals and species try to take advantage of the new rebuilding worlds.

On Rannoch, the homeworld of the Quarians and the Geth, there has been a divide of sorts amongst the former over the issue of the latter. Although it was decided years ago that the Geth would be allowed to reactivate and live on the planet, there were many who disagreed with this decision. Discrimination against the synthetic lifeforms is high, and although there are no formal laws that are set against them, the Geth are treated often times like second-class citizens. There have been rumors floating around that some Geth have decided to fight against this and others that say that some Quarians are going to try and take matters into their own hands. However, neither, if they actually exist, has shown themselves yet.

The Krogan are under a loose alliance of clans under the command of Urdnot Wrex. Though there are several clans that still attempt to rebel against this unity, saying that it goes against their ancient traditions, the vast majority have joined with Clan Urdnot. This has led to a relative peace (or as close to one on Tuchunka as possible) and allowed their population to grow in leaps and bounds. Wrex wishes to restore the once great Krogan Empire, but that would involve fighting Council races over land. Whether or not he is willing to do that remains to be seen.

The Asari have seemed to lost their position in the galaxy as the humans and Salarians have made significant gains on them. Though they remain to be respected, the humans have been advancing in power much more quickly than any species before them and the Salarians have gained support as their leaders seem poised against the humans on many different affairs. Caught in the middle of this political feud that likely goes back to the decision to cure the genophage, the Asari leadership will likely have to choose to side one or the other, though they seem to believe that neither is in the right. This apparent slip in power has been noticed by several key politicians, military leaders, and CEOs. One in particular, Matriarch T’Arah, a fiery and aggressive military admiral, is gathering support to replace the more mild mannered, level-headed Asari Councilor Vasira.

The Turians seem to be split on many issues as well. While many still dislike the humans, some because they helped the Krogan, others because of the humans sudden rise in Council power, there is a significant amount who have sided with the relative newcomers. However, they are more concerned with reclaiming many of their colonies from pirate overlords and rogue governments. With their fleets still not up to their pre-Reaper strength, recovering these colonies is taking longer and requiring more force than had been anticipated. The battles rage on on the edges of Turian space, though they refuse to call on Council aid.

In the Skyllian Verge, it looks like civil war is about to erupt. The uneasy peace between human colonists and the Batarians is starting to fail. Over the past couple weeks, there have been several terrorist attacks on human colonies. The Batarian government has insisted that they had no part in the attacks, but to no avail. Many human colonists are now calling for war, despite the lack of evidence. The Alliance, however, won’t send troops to their aid until their formal investigations are concluded. This action has not gone over well with the colonists and it seems like it will only be a matter of time until they try to take matters into their own hands.

Thousands of other things hang in the balance, from Tresen Thrios’s sudden change from hero to dictator in Hanar/Drell space to the crash in the Elcor economy. Many still remember the unity that Shepard had created and are currently working towards trying to maintain what is left of it, but others, in their greed, mistrust, or lust for power, have forgotten.

You all have been summoned by the Council, with no other information or instructions other than to tell no one. The secrecy is curious, maybe even suspicious, but one does not just ignore a summons from the Citadel Council. You can only speculate what it is that they want you for.

Mass Effect: Return from the Shadows

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